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Α2Ζ TRAVEL, Exclusive Services


A2Z is a group of people who have shared the experiences of the paths they walked, the mountain peaks they explored up to the warm shelters, and the waves that sprouted their bow while the wind was their ally, and then, the mood to return back to the harbor full of new images.

Our love for nature, the terrain of every region, whether by bicycle or by horse, even on foot, but with the mood and respect to keep it unspoiled, we wish to continue through a variety of mild activities that appeal to the naturalist, the athletic or non athletic visitor, the nature explorer, or even the amateur photographer or cyclist, their girlfriend, their child, and their friends.


Together, we can organize your journey, tailored to your needs and time, through a network of dedicated collaborators who through years of experience and discoveries are empowered to share the secrets of Greece with you throughout the year with activities such as cycling , trekking, climbing, canyon crossing, sailing, gastronomic seminars, and herbal walks.

Discover Greece all year round, and share new experiences with A2Z Travel.